Human Resources Manager

About the Job

The Human Resources Manager administers and coordinates human resources functions such as employment, compensation, performance management, payroll, benefit labor relations, training and safety. They will be creating a new system to put in place that will be compliant with all local and federal regulations. The HR Manager will participate with management team members in training efforts, succession planning, and developmental opportunities of staff.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for the consistent application of Human Resources (HR) activities (i.e. employment, compensation, benefits, training, payroll, employee relations and safety).
  • Responsible for benefit plan interpretation, communication, and enrollment including the standard benefits package and retirement plans.
  • Recruits, interviews and assists in selecting employees to fill vacant positions
  • Prepares necessary documentation for employee onboarding, termination, resignation, etc. Conducts exit interviews.
  • Creating an HR System that complies with all local and federal regulations
  • Conducts new employee orientations
  • Coordinates benefits services and other employer-employee programs
  • Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier
  • May counsel employees on personnel policies and personal problems, and recommends corrective action
  • Participates with management at personnel related hearings and investigations.
  • Represents organization at personnel related hearings and investigations.
  • Other duties may include:
    • facilitating training program
    • conducting wage and benefits surveys
    • evaluating jobs and writing description
    • publishing and modifying manuals, handbooks, brochures and newsletters
    • participating in collective bargaining, contract negotiations and grievances
    • overseeing clerical assistance
    • performing committee work
    • perform any other assigned tasks.



  • 6-8 years of HR experience
  • Minimum Bachelor’s in Human Resources
  • 3+ years of manufacturing or production industry experience
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal & written
  • Experience with employee hiring and working with vendors
  • Energetic and motivated