Miami, FL Insurance Photographer

About the Job

Primary responsibility:
* Customer Service Field Work — requires travel to specific locations to take photographs and measurements in support of insurance claims
* Computer Work — Internet access, file upload and download, Internet Explorer

* Full Time Position
* Pay is $700.00 per week with an additional monthly Auto Allowance- $460 and Mileage Reimbursement
* After 90 days of employment, medical insurance is available
* Camera, batteries, memory stick and other supplies will be furnished by STREETDELIVERY
* Reporting to Operations Manager

* May be required to drive between 2000-4000 miles per month
* Must be a self starter, self motivated and comfortable working independently
* Must have good communication skills
* Must have a Windows XP 8-10 or later computer and high speed internet connection
* Must have a dependable late model car
* Must have a valid driver’s license
* Must be physically able to periodically walk distances for data build
* Must have basic knowledge of how to use a digital camera and read a map/GPS
* Experience as a courier, road sales rep, real estate appraiser or position with similar field demands.