Work From Home, Cell Phone or Lap Top for the Chamber of Commerce $$$



We have an Affiliate Marketing Program available at the Chamber of Commerce for those who cannot or don’t want to work in the office.

Here’s how SIMPLE it is.

We set you up with a unique tracking link that takes your potential clients to our shopping cart. In the Shopping cart, your client can purchase memberships, Trade Show Packages and much more. Your link tracks ALL of your efforts AND Traffic. It tracks your sales AND your commissions.

This Unique Tracking link can be emailed to anyone you know, it can be posted on ANY Social Media Outlet, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, etc… It can also be texted to prospects. You can use your cell phone to email this link, post this link and text this link from wherever you are. The link does all the work and goes to work for you. You never know when a business owner will see your link on facebook and decide to join the Chamber of Commerce or exhibit at an upcoming trade show. Every business owner in Florida knows that they should belong to the Chamber of Commerce.

Your Commission on ALL sales is 25%. This is a very high commission %. You could make a full time living working part time from home or from the beach.

Best of ALL, you get a unique USER NAME and PASSWORD into your own dashboard on our site. This dashboard shows your traffic, your sales and your commissions. A commission check is sent to you on the 15th and the 1st. You can pick up a check, have it mailed to you, Chase Quickpay or Paypal.

If you are interested, send your full name, your main email address and your cell phone number to We will set you up with step by step instructions and our CIO John Zolnowski is available to walk you thru the dashboard.

You can call or text (954) 485 – 3255 or email


If you want to begin immediately working in the office, you can call 954 565 5750 for an in office interview

Thanks again & We look forward to sending you your first check!

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